Acer Aspire Predator AG7750 gaming desktop set to impress

Most gaming enthusiasts like to build their system from ground up simply because it gives them more freedom to throw in the parts that they want and need, as a stock gaming machine from any vendor often misses out on at least one thing you want to complete the entire rig. Acer hears this crowd, and hopes to satiate some folks out there with the Aspire Predator AG7750 gaming desktop. Despite starting from a rather steep $1,999 upwards, you won’t be left behind in terms of frame rates when you play the latest games on this puppy – after all, how can you argue with an Intel Core i7-930 processor accompanied by 12GB RAM, an NVIDIA GTX 470 graphics card as well as a slew of options, all running on Windows 7 Home Premium? The exterior looks intimidating enough, opening up to offer access to a multi-card reader, USB and audio ports. It even comes with a secure handle for transportation purposes, just in case you love attending BYOC events. Now, if only your reflexes can keep up with this brute of a machine…[Press Release]

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