Analyst Estimates That iPhone 4 Recall Would Cost $1.5b

By now almost anyone who has taken an interest in the iPhone 4 will have heard of the Death Grip issues that affect the iPhone 4 when you hold it in a certain way. Much debate has been going on as to the reason behind the Death Grip, and what Apple should do about the situation. Despite it being highly unlikely, some analysts have estimated that if Apple were to actually issue a full product recall, it would cost the company as much as $1.5 billion or about 3.5 percent of its total cash on hand, a significant sum of money. Another alternative would also be to issue a free rubber bumper case, which should do the job of preventing users from physically touching the antenna. The cost of offering a bumper case would be about $1 per unit, which should add up to be significantly less than $1.5b. Of course, issuing free bumper casings would mean Apple would have to admit that there is a defect with the antenna design. Regardless of the final solution, hopefully this issue will be addressed soon, for the benefit of Apple and the consumer.

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