Antenn-aid Band-aid To Solve Your iPhone 4 Death Grip Issue

By now everybody under the sun probably knows about the iPhone 4’s Death Grip issue. One of the solutions is to use one of Apple’s Bumper casings that they’re now offering for free, or you could always just put some electrical tape to cover that sensitive part. Of course, sticking an ugly piece of tape on your shiny new iPhone 4 isn’t the sexiest thing around, but what if you could do just that, and make a joke of it at the same time? That’s probably what the folks who came up with the Antenn-aid for the iPhone 4 were thinking when they designed it. It’s a band-aid of sorts to protect your iPhone 4 from tbe Death Grip, and still look cool and funky at the same time. It’s priced at just $4.99 cents for a six-pack, and you’ll be able to choose from a variety of stickers. Maybe Apple should have offered these instead of the bumper casing.

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