Apple iOS 4.0.1 fixes signal display info

We have installed iOS 4.0.1, an updatethat fixes a cosmetic bug related to the five “signal bars” that show how good the reception is. As you can see on the photo, the signal strength information before and after the update looks quite different, although the absolute strength itself has not changed. It should have never displayed 5/5 in this area (our office). You can also see the height of the bars has been changed on the lower range – for perceptual reasons…

Later today Apple is holding a press conference in which it should address the iPhone 4 antenna issue (aka Death Grip). If you are not familiar with the matter, the iPhone 4 has an antenna design issue in which the user’s body can create interferences between the 3G and WIFI antenna by holding the phone. While this can reduce the signal significantly in zones where it is weak to start with, it doesn’t prevent the phone from working in most cases. However this has created a firestorm in the press, and with an undetermined number of customers. As far as I can tell, many prospective buyers are currently waiting to see how Apple will address this issue, with either free cases, or a slight change in the internal design, some speculate. Don’t miss our complete iPhone 4 Review.

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