Nintendo 3DS Design Confirmed As Final

When the Nintendo 3DS prototype was shown off at this year’s E3, it was said that the design wasn’t final yet, so there would be some room for Nintendo to perform a few tweaks if necessary. Now project designer Hideki Konno has assured fans that the design that we saw was final, and will remain the same. Considering that the Nintendo 3DS already looks pretty good, that’s probably good news. In the interview, he also said that there should be downloadable content like WiiWare and DSiWare for the 3DS. Aside from that, it was also suggested that the displays could become larger like the DSi XL, but TV display using this technology would be impractical at the moment, especially when taking into account the issue of cost and the fact that consumers would have to be in a specific position to enjoy the 3D effect.


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