Apple Peel iPod Touch with 3G, Phone, SMS Capabilities Get Reviewed

The Apple Peel 3G is a rubber iPod Touch case that gives Apple’s PMP device phone, mobile broadband Internet access, and SMS capabilities reserved for the iPhone. Now, if you don’t want to sign a contract or be stuck to a particular carrier, you can get an iPod Touch, put on the Apple Peel 3G case, and you’ll have similar features to the iPhone. In an early Chinese review, it seems that the Peel 3G does its job, but needs some software polish and stability could be improved.

As the picture shows, the Peel 3G makes use of a 3G SIM, in this iteration, to hop onto a GSM operator’s 3G network. The modem is integrated into the rubber case and Internet access is seamless, though it’s unclear whether you’d need to Jailbreak.

Overall, the contraption works, though the reviewer notes that there may be some glitches with the phone and SMS app. More details at micgadget, review from PCOnline (in Chinese, translated)

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