Motorola's MOTOBLUR skin might be on its last legs

Custom user interfaces (UIs) have been around for some time now, and back in the days of Windows Mobile, custom UIs were extremely useful to make the user experience a whole lot more enjoyable. As for the first few Android smartphones which rolled out on version 1.x, the skins provided also improved overall functionality and prettiness. The MOTOBLUR skin is one of them, but it does seem to be at the end of the road now since there was no mention of it at the recent Motorola Droid X launch announcement. It could very well be a case of Motorola working on Android 3.0 with a new interface that will purportedly render custom UI layers unnecessary. I personally like the HTC Sense UI, and the weather effects always leave a smile on my face every time I unlock my Android smartphone. Well, if Motorola can cook up something better than MOTOBLUR, then all the best to them.

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