Start-Up Brings Interactive Textbooks to iPad

A start-up headed by a former Apple employee is looking to bring textbooks to the iPad, expanding the consumer tablet’s reach in the education sector. Unlike traditional digital textbooks that are just digitally converted version of their print counterpart on the iPad and rival Kindle store, the books brought by start-up Inkling will be interactive in nature and will exploit the iPad’s multimedia capabilities, colour screen, video and Internet connectivity along with a touchscreen user interface.

Inkling will initially launch four titles from McGraw-Hill in topics such as biology, economics, marketing, and psychology. These interactive digital texts will be available in the iTunes App Store and be priced at $3.99 per chapter and entire books will start at $84.99. However, there will be a limited time introductory pricing that will make the a la carte chapter price at $2.99 and book pricing to start at $69.99.

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