Wave to Google Wave as Google shuts it down

Hailed by the social-techno-geek community as (almost) the solution to the world’s problems, Google Wave is unfortunately going to be abandoned (official post), just shortly after exiting beta mode. Google said that Wave has failed to attract users in a meaningful way, and can’t justify pursuing the work on this product, at least in its current form. Still, Google hails all the technological advances that came with Wave. Obviously, not all products developed in the lab can become mainstream, and we would agree that Google Wave did push the boundaries of real-time communication. However, there was also way to much hype around this product, and about the added-value that it wouldbring to collaborative work (Google Wave to change everything… maybe not). In the end, it was probably too complicated and too Google-centric for its own good. It’s just hard to collaborate, if you’re not using it.

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