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Web 2.0 Summit - Day 2
Photo: Carol Bartz, CEO, Yahoo! and John Battelle, co-founder, Web 2.0 Summit[Web 2.0 Summit 2010] – Nov, 16 – The day started with a bunch of announcements from Yahoo! which was launching its Local Offers Program with 20 partners, including Groupon and GiltCity. Other new product included the new Yahoo Messenger with the social gaming and social networking integration (Zynga, Facebook and Twitter) – See more info in our article. […]

Yahoo! Local Offers Program and New Messenger with Facebook, Twitter, Zynga
[Web 2.0 Summit 2010] Yahoo! is rolling out its Local Offers Program with 20 partners including Groupon, GiltCity, Zozi, Crowdsaving and more (see picture). Through this program, Yahoo! will offer various deals and coupons to people according to their behavior, tastes and location – using data that the company is collecting about its users on a daily basis.

Web 2.0 Summit 2010 Live Stream
For those who could not make it to Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco, you might be interested to know that you can follow the live stream from this page. Watch live streaming video from web20tv at We’ve posted the full schedule for Tuesday November 16 in the full post.

Web 2.0 Summit - Day 1 - Photo Gallery
There were not that many news at Web 2.0 Summit except for Eric Schmidt, CEO, Google, showing an “unannounced Android device from an unannounced manufacturer with Near-Field Communication” that will allow people to do all kinds of thing including paying with their phones. The technology has been used for a long time in Japan but always failed to take off in the US, we’ll see… Then he was proud to […]


RockMelt, a Social Web Browser
Tomorrow, there’s a new competitor in the web browser arena: RockMelt. It’s a web browser built to fit perfectly “the way people use the web today” (they say), namely with Facebook, Google & Twitter completely integrated from the ground up. With this tight integration, RockMelt makes tasks like sending a Facebook or a Twitter message faster than before because you’re always logged-in. Looking at several Google Search results should also […]

WiseStamp adds your social networking message to your email signature
Email signatures can be used to put your contact information, or a shameless plug. It is a fairly low-maintenance tool that we use ourselves for both purposes. But in a world where you might always want to broadcast something new (like “I’m eating tomatoes for lunch”) to everyone you communicate with, the email signature becomes simply to much of a hassle to deal with. That’s where WiseStamp comes into play: it […]

Google Street View Under Fire for Privacy in Germany
Google is under fire again over privacy issues in Germany after initial concerns over WiFi sniffing regarding the Google Street View team. This time, German officials are concerned that Google is only giving building owners only 4 weeks of time to opt out and have their buildings not show up on Google Street View. Google says that it will implement Street View in twenty of the largest German cities, including […]

Google Goes Social With Slide Acquisition
Google has acquired social gaming company Slide Inc. in an effort to remain (somewhat) competitive against Facebook (and Twitter). Although terms of the acquisition were not disclosed, many are speculating that the deal was completed at $200 million. Google is facing pressures from large social networks like Twitter and Facebook, as those networks have been able to attract advertisers – the same that would also spend on Google’s online business. To remain competitive, Google […]

Wave to Google Wave as Google shuts it down
Hailed by the social-techno-geek community as (almost) the solution to the world’s problems, Google Wave is unfortunately going to be abandoned (official post), just shortly after exiting beta mode. Google said that Wave has failed to attract users in a meaningful way, and can’t justify pursuing the work on this product, at least in its current form. Still, Google hails all the technological advances that came with Wave. Obviously, not […]

Join Ubergizmo and Jason Fried/37Signals at 11amPT to discuss the new workplace
We’re invited to be guest Tweeters at tomorrow’s webcast “The new workplace in the new normal” with Jason Fried, the co-founder of 37Signals, a popular web-software company. The conversation is hosted at our sponsor: HP Input|Output. Here’s an overview:“The workplace is undergoing a massive transformation to encourage collaboration, inspire creativity and protect productivity. In order to optimize it, companies have explored every aspect of the workplace, from the physical layout to management practices to incorporating […]

Google Inks a 20-year Wind Energy Deal
Google is buying 20 114 megawatts of wind power from NextEra Energy in a deal that will last for the next 20 years. The goal is to power data centers that support your usage of Google’s services so that Google can continue to grow the share of clean energy that it uses. But that’s not all, Google also aims to provide some stability to its wind energy partner so that […]

Facebook Virus Spreads Under Sexy Video Disguise
Facebook users are targeted by a new Trojan malware that spreads disguised as a link to a Distracting Beach Babes video. Yeah, that’s the oldest trick in the malware book, but not surprisingly, it will unfortunately work with many (most?) unsuspecting users. Obviously, you should *not* click on the link unless you want to the malware downloaded and installed on your PC – that would be the beginning of much […]

Pearltrees "Super Embed" Feature
[Web 2.0] Pearltrees defined itself as the “leading-edge social web curation tool and discovery platform”, personally, I prefer “visual collaborative web browsing interface“, the word “platform” is overrated these days. At the Web 2.0 Expo in San Francisco, the company, selected as one of only five companies to present at the Launch Pad event, unveiled its latest feature, the “super embed”. Content publishers will be able to collect web pages […]

The Next Big Thing in TV and Video @ NewTeeVee
By Ravit Lichtenberg (blog) – This year, GigaOm’s NewTeeVee Live has explored TV Everywhere. In addition to general sessions, the conference featured 10 upcoming video startups—each providing a critical element of video and TV viewing puzzle. In Thursday’s morning session, the first five companies present their predictions for TV and video: Elemental Technologies (Sam Blackman, CEO)The company (, which is headquartered in Portland, raised 7.1M Series A funding in June 2008 and […]

Web 2.0 Summit Day 2 - Gallery: Twitter Will be Everywhere!
[Web 2.0 Summit] Last year, the Web 2.0 Summit should have been renamed the Green 2.0 Summit, but thanks to Twitter, the Web 2.0 name is well deserved for this 2009 session. After Microsoft Bing announcement this morning, Google announced its partnership with Twitter as well, Marissa Mayer told us that the number one search engine will integrate Tweets in its result pages, however, we did not see a demo. […]

Microsoft will have access to Twitter real-time data. Facebook is next.
[Web 2.0 Summit] Twitter just made it official that Microsoft will have access to Twitter’s data in real-time. This new deal was demonstrated during a Bing demonstration. A similar deal with Facebook is also said to be in the works, although we will have to see what the details are. Microsoft is taking steps to gain an edge against Google when it comes to “real-time” web. No financial details were […]

HP and Wikia To Launch MagCloud
[Web 2.0 Summit] HP is partnering with Wikia, the for-profit collaborative online encyclopedia, to allow people to create magazines based on the content created by Wikia’s community. Wikia will offer print-on-demand services to its users through MagCloud, a HP cloud service that automates magazine publishing. HP allows anyone to become a publisher, thanks to Web 2.0 and the “Cloud”. Connectivity and the new web tools have made micro-payment available to […]

SaaS, Open Source, Freedom, and Funding (SaaS Gone Open Source panel)
By Ravit Lichtenberg (blog) at AlwaysOn Summit at Stanford – Open source has been getting traction in the recent year with the release of Android, continued success of companies like Mozilla, and google Chrome’s open platform approach. In this panel, the connection between SaaS and Open Source is discussed. Satish Dharmaraj, Partner, Redpoint Ventures, Founder & Former CEO, Zimbra: The primary benefit of enterprise using open source software is freedom […]

Digital Media CEO Showcase (Always On Summit at Stanford)
By Ravit Lichtenberg (blog) – We are at the Digital Media CEO showcase where it is an interesting mix of mobile, nanotechnology, and consumer efficiency and advertising companies. Highlights from six companies — each given 6 minutes to present, are provided below.Modiv Technology Digital media in the grocery store.Facilitating shopping experience in the grocery store through behavior, location, history analysis and purchase enablement. Shoppers walk around with the Modiv “Zapper” […]

Earthmine launches Wild Style City: Virtual Grafitti App
[Where 2.0] I saw Earthmine for the first time when it launched at DEMOFall 07: it offers a Street View-like application that has a better image quality than the Google application (at the time of launch) and provides various web 2.0 interactive tools. This street-level 3D mapping technology allows users to collect and use all kinds of geospatial data in urban environments (i.e. buildings measurements, urban inventory), which appeals to a wide range […]