PlayStation Phone? Really?

Images of what is supposed to be the PlayStation Phone have surfaced on Engadget. This might be the end of a long line of PlayStation phone rumors that have started a long time ago. This time, the information seems credible enough that we believe that this is happening. To their credit, Sony Ericsson is trying to make a phone with a real controller. At least someone understands that touch displays just aren’t good enough to control a large chunk of games that we came to play and love over the years. But surely, Sony Ericsson still doesn’t understand what design is about. Frankly, it’s so ugly that one would think that this is a mock-up of some sort, but this looks like the real thing.

The second thing that is worrisome is the use of Android. As a phone OS, it’s good, but as a gaming platform, I’m not sure that this is the right choice, although it’s probably right because it’s the only one Sony Ericsson has. Also, where are the games? You can’t rule out a few PSP ports, but PSP games won’t magically work on… this. Let’s wait and see, but we’re really surprised that Sony Computer would give its PlayStation franchise to a device like this.

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