PSP Could Use A Cellular Data Connection - PlayStation Phone Hint?

The PlayStation phone rumors have gained some traction again as Peter Dille, Sony’s Senior Vice President of marketing at SCEA, was recently in an interview, giving some interesting comments about the PSP. He mentioned that the lack of a cellular data component in current PSP devices was holding the line back since people are generally used to having always-connected devices. It was also mentioned that current smartphones don’t give users a hardcore experience, rather they provide time-killers which gamers aren’t satisfied with (though the creators of Angry Birds and Plants vs Zombies will probably beg to differ). To further add fuel to the fire, he also mentioned that Sony has relationships with Google (which could mean anything), though it could also mean that Sony is looking to use Android in the PSP phone. Of course, there isn’t any confirmation of the device just yet, but we seem to be heading in that direction.

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