Dell Inspiron Duo is now official

Dell has just made official its Inspiron Duo tablet netbook hybrid after news yesterday that it will be rolling out sometime in the near future. As expected, its unique 10-inch display which can swivel in different directions will certainly make it a novel purchase for just about anybody, while a custom layer on top of Windows 7 is capable of delivering access to media, the web and an iBooks-style e-reading app in a different manner. You won’t find standard fare netbook specs underneath the hood with a dual-core Intel Atom 1.5GHz processor aided by 2GB RAM and a Broadcom Crystal HD accelerator that handles both full HD video and Flash with aplomb. Expect the Dell Inspiron Duo to ship in the first week of December for $549 a pop, although you can up the performance ante with a JBL dock bundle that sees the final sticker price touch $649.

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