CycloDS iEvolution can access Nintendo DSi camera and SD slot

Team Cyclops‘ upcoming offering, the CycloDS iEvolution will be the first of its kind yet again, this time around being able to access the Nintendo DSi’s camera and SD memory card slot – something its competitors are unable to do at the moment. While the DSi’s countermeasures that Nintendo put in place were circumvented some time back, that happens only when the DSi was in ‘DSL’ mode, so new features like the built-in cameras and SD memory card slot remained inaccessible to homebrew applications. Team Cyclops’ latest card has a workaround, playing nice even in DSi mode. Joe Public will not be able to access those features just yet since the new cart isn’t out, but Team Cyclops hopes that legitimate homebrew developers will contact them for a free iEVO cart in order to help in its development.


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