Folks who reside in the UK (and are reveling in a white winter wonderland at the moment) and are looking forward to getting their gloved hands wrapped around a Google Nexus S handset will be disappointed to know that both Carphone Warehouse and Best Buy have announced that said smartphone will not go on sale – not at least until three days before Christmas (so much for being in stock early at Carphone Warehouse). Just in case you still need a numerical reference and are too lazy to compute which day that is on the calendar, we’re talking about December 22nd. No details, statements or excuses were given for the Nexus S’ delay, although we probably think it is due to the foul weather – just like how the snow decimated most of the football league matches over the weekend. Since there is a silver lining in every cloud, here’s one that might just carve a smile on you, a potential Nexus S owner – its price has dropped to £429, and is more affordable compared to what was previously thought of even on contract. How’s that for a merry Christmas?

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