New Facebook Profile Introduced

Facebook has just announced that it is introducing a new profile page design that, Facebook hopes, will provide a better overview of who you are – at first glance. You can look at the screenshotof my own profile to get an idea of what it looks like (or visit, or you can try it for yourself, by trying to switch from this page. Facebook’s goal is to show where you’re from, where you work (including what you worked on in each company) and what you like: the typical conversation starters in the real world.

The photo albums have also been updated, with an “infinite scroll”. Behind this fancy name, it simply means that all the thumbnails of an album are visible from a single page, instead of constantly clicking on “next/previous” – good idea, thanks! Something similar has been developed for the “Friends” page as well. I personally like the photo album change quite a bit, and I’m neutral on the profile itself. I’ll have to try with “new friends” to acquire a real taste for it. Overall, this look like a good update. Facebook says that the new profile will roll out slowly, so don’t be surprised if you can’t use it right now. More infoon Facebook’s blog.

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