Panasonic Lumix GH2 offers new movie making experience

Jan Brockmann, a freelance video and commercial director from Hamburg, recently took Panasonic’s latest Lumix GH2 out for a spin, and claims that this Micro Four Thirds digital camera is extremely versatile and more than able to shoot professional looking videos without missing a beat. Among the new features found in the Luimx GH2 include the lightning-quick contrast AF, which will adjust itself in a mere 0.1 , while the spanking new image sensor is capable of capturing at high ISO speeds without too much noise in the final image. Among the video modes of the GH2 thta impressed Brockmann include the 24p Cinema Mode, the slow motion and time-lapse movie mode function variable and the Movie Mode that enables filmmakers to set the aperture and shutter speed manually. In a nutshell, the Lumix GH2’s greatest strength would be its versatility, being able to interchange between 11 lenses – now how about that?

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