Logitech Couch Mouse M515 With the rising popularity of browsing the web in the couch, we’ve been facing new (small) challenges like having our favorite mouse slowly slide on that slippery leather (bringing the cursor with it), or seeing it catch dust and dirt on cloth-like materials. Logitech’s engineers (or product managers, it’s hard to tell) have noticed that too, and they believe that they can get you to do the unthinkable: buy yet another mouse.The Couch Mouse M515 will move the cursor only when your hand is on the mouse (“hand detection”, Logitech says), and believe me, Hand Detection is actually darn useful on a couch, or on non-flat surfaces in general. Secondly, the mouse’s bottom is sealed, so no dirt can get into the optics and interfere with it. By the way, Logitech also says that the bottom surface is so smooth that it should just glide on that blanket that’s keeping you warm in front of the TV. Finally, Logitech thinks that the battery can last for about two years (!). We’re not going to actually test that, but it’s safe to say that changing the batteries from time to time won’t be a deal-breaker. Does it work with the Logitech Revue that we just reviewed? Not sure, but this works on Mac (10.5+), PC (XP+) – $49.99

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