Want to get better in that game of golf, but have run out of your wits as the stacks of DVDs and books which you purchased failed to help you make any significant headway? There might be hope yet with the PocketPro, as this device will work hand in hand with an iPhone app to deliver detailed analysis of your swing, ranging from speed to tempo and the angle at which the club face hits the ball. Before you get all excited though, you will need to attach a small nylon clip to your club located right below the grip, where it will feature a 3-axis digital gyroscope and accelerometer sensors that have been integrated for measuring acceleration and rotation. Whenever a round of golf is over, you can transfer the data for all of your swings to your iPhone via Bluetooth, where the PocketPro app will get to work by recreating the motions using 3D characters, letting you how it is perceived from a third-person perspective. Of course, the computer might have a more detailed analysis, but “feeling” players might just discount it to a bad day at the green. There is no word on pricing just yet, so stay tuned.


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