Ever had to share a pair of headphones with your best mate in the past? Not exactly the most hygienic method, but hey, at least that is what best friends are for, right? Apart from the uncomfortable experience, you also start to wonder whether there is a better way of doing things. Enter the Zumreed X2 Hybrids which allows you to enable its speaker mode, letting you and your friend(s) tune in comfortably. All it needs is a quick rotation of the cuffs and a flip of a switch to turn it from a pair of headphones into speakers, where a one hour charge will result in four times the amount of playback. Out later this May, expect to fork out around $165 for this puppy. On the bright side, you can also share your music love with strangers on the commute, although we don’t think they would appreciate more Backstreet Boys in 2011.

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