There is nothing quite like the satisfaction of seeing the final piece of a jigsaw puzzle being placed – and we would say the same applies to the last US module which was attached to the International Space Station on Tuesday, where it comes in the form of an upgraded supply transfer compartment which will also double up as a permanent storage closet that provides station crew additional room in a cramped atmosphere. Also known as the Permanent Multipurpose Module (PMM) or Leonardo, this 27,160-pound module is a behemoth that fits snugly into place thanks to 16 motorized bolts tp keep it in place. Of course, in other news, the ISS too, saw a humanoid robot sharing living space with the astronauts there, stowed away in Leonardo. Known as Robonaut 2, it intends to work alongside us humans – hopefully not sabotaging our race from within, so far high up in the sky.

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