Samsung logoIt was earlier reported that the new Samsung 9 Series laptops had contained keyloggers to monitor what users were doing with their laptops and now it turns out that the Samsung tech support worker that confirmed the rumor was wrong. Samsung stepped up to the plate and explained what went wrong. Apparently the programs that had detected the keylogger (known as StarLogger), were falsely triggered: the Slovak language version of Microsoft Live! creates a folder on the computer called C:\Windows\SL – which bears the same name as the folder that is created when StarLogger is installed on a computer.To add to the confusion brought upon by the anti-virus software, the tech support staff who answered the question about the keylogger was wrong about the whole issue. So it turns out that Samsung wasn’t monitoring any of their customers after all. A detailed explanation offered by Samsung explains the whole situation. While this clears up everything, it makes you wonder about the quality of anti-virus software that detects malware based on the name of a folder and the quality of the Samsung staff that unknowingly spouted out bad information?

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