InMobi, and advertising company based in the SF Bay Area, reports that its data shows that Android has surpassed iOS for the first time in terms of advertising impressions. The conclusion is derived from an analysis of the 32 Billion ad impressions served monthly by InMobi.

The results should be taken with a grain of salt, because Android versus iOS user behaviors can greatly influence the ad impressions, it is yet another sign that Android is growing faster than iOS. It’s not like we didn’t know, but hard facts are always interesting to look at. But the report goes beyond that and suggests that Android-based devices will soon challenge PCs:

The report highlights that Android smartphones are rapidly becoming a primary gateway to digital content, as the platform provides consumers with many device options, at varying price points – creating a real alternative to the desktop or laptop. Many households across Asia, Eastern Europe and Africa rely on Android smartphones as the primary platform to consume media instead of a web-based PC.

Android-based devices should surpass laptop and desktop computers in terms of units as there are much more phones users than computer users. There are huge business implications for companies on both platforms, but as end-users, it’s likely that you and I will continue to use both computers and smartphones/tablets. Although the media often pitches a battle between the “new stuff” against the “old stuff”, the reality is that we end up with both in our gadget arsenal.

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