ARM logoIn an official press release today, ARM announced that it has a new licensing agreement with LG Electronics to provide them access to high performance, low-power ARM Cortex processors and ARM Mali GPU families. This could mean that LG Electronics is looking into developing its own SoCs like what its greatest rival, Samsung, has been doing for their own phones tablets (i.e. Hummingbird and Exonys).

This could also mean that LG Electronics will stop using SoCs from manufacturers like Texas Instruments and NVIDIA that currently provide the chips that run LG’s Optimus 2X, 3D and their G-Slate Android tablet. No word on when we’ll see the first LG ARM SoCs, but it’ll be interesting to see what LG can come up with. Hopefully the addition of new processors on the scene won’t further Android’s problem with fragmentation. [Press Release]

Publisher’s note: No, it won’t make fragmentation worse. The OS fragmentation, including OS customization from handset makers is the main issue for developers. Screen resolution is probably second on the list. (Hubert)

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