Low-end Android sales predictions

According to a recent report published by DigiTimes, we’re going to see Android devices take over the world. They’ve reported that a number of handset manufacturers are rushing to get some low-end devices onto the market (sub $150 phones). Digitimes has predicted that 20-25 million of these low-end phones will be sold this year alone – ten times more than last year’s 2.5-3 million phones sold. The reason for this jump in sales is that the low-end Android market hasn’t really been exploited yet – all this time, manufacturers have been fighting over the high-end handset market.


And because Android is so scalable that it has the ability to be used in the low-end market. Apple isn’t going to put out a sub-$150 iOS phone (of course this could change), neither is Microsoft with Windows Phone 7. At the moment the low-end phone market is dominated by Symbian, which is slowly diminishing – leaving a whole sector unchallenged for Android to take over. With phones like the LG Optimus One already doing well in the entry-level market we see a lot of potential for Android phones to take over the market. Now it’s up to manufacturers to capitalize on the fact. By the end of 2011, I believe Google will be activating a lot more than 350,000 handsets daily.

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