Paper PP Alloy

If there’s one thing better than using less non-biodegradable materials to manufacture products, it’s the use of biodegradable materials instead. The folks over at PEGA Design & Engineering have come up with a solution to the problem of computer parts filling up landfills and destroying the environment. Using recyclable paper and PP (Polypropylene) they’ve managed to create a special material called Paper PP Alloy. Because of the characteristics of what it’s made from, Paper PP Alloy is biodegradable, recyclable and reusable.

Paper PP Alloy is environmentally friendly, as well as strong, sturdy and flexible. It is easily shaped, and can even be used with injection molding machines – without having to change the manufacturing process. This means that it will be easy to adopt in the future, in the event it successfully replaces non-biodegradable and non-recyclable materials of similar strength.

PEGA D&E hopes to see their Paper PP Alloy being used in laptops of the future – while not every part of a laptop can be recycled now, having a biodegradable/recyclable outer casing is a start. Since Paper PP Alloy is said to be inexpensive to produce, it might even lower the cost of electronics in the future. Find out more about Paper PP Alloy at the official website.

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