Love surfing, and never mind the fact that the waters of your favorite surfing ground also has the highest incidents of shark attacks? Well, your passion for the sport has never held you back in any way, so why not take things to the next level with a battery-powered jet surfboard known as the WaveJet? Yes, we do know that it sounds more like the title of a cheesy video game, but in real life, this is one mean piece of hardware that fully intends to renew your adrenaline rush each time you step up to it and hit the waves.

The WaveJet is one fast puppy, being full well capable of pushing around 20 pounds of thrust good for up to a top speed of 12mph, and the batteries inside are able to last for a good 30 minutes thereabouts. Being around 3 times faster than what most normal humans are able to paddle, it will let you head far out than the rest of your mates without having you break a sweat.

Not only that, this kit is stable since it weighs 15 pounds, and while this is good for stability, it isn’t too hot where maneuverability is concerned. Still, that should not be too much of an issue since average surfers will most likely shun its $4,500 price tag, so expect only a niche market to pick up the WaveJet and make full use of it.

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