Codemasters’ will be rolling out DiRT 3 with extras to keep gamers happy – that is, throwing in four more downloadable content (DLC) into the mix for purchase. So far, information concerning the DLC packs have been quite scant, where some have said they will comprise of two car packs with the remaining two being track packs. The former has been dubbed the “Mud and Guts car pack” and the “Power and Glory car pack”, while the latter will see Codemasters put up the “Monte Carlo track pack” and the “X Games Asia track pack.”

Needless to say, these new packs will boast of a wide range of new challenges for you as a player to complete. That will yield satisfaction in addition to unlocking additional achievements and trophies, but even so that depends on the kind of system you purchased it for. No idea on pricing details, but we could very well be looking at 400 Microsoft points (or maybe $5) per pack. Do you think Codemasters will push their luck and decide to charge 800 Microsoft points instead, in these economically trying times?

While there is no official confirmation on the release date just yet, it should arrive on release day itself – either that, or shortly afterwards.

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