We have been reporting on Duke Nukem Forever on and off for quite some time now, and here are some of the stuff that we know concerning said delayed title. The “Shrinkage” trailer can be viewed here, with the possibility of this fun title heading over to the iOS platform, while the demo of the game itself is set to arrive this June. Well, we now have word that Duke Nukem Forever has just gone gold – a term that is used to indicate that a particular title is being readied to hit retail stores.

Taking around 15 years to develop, we would take this piece of information with more than your average pinch of salt. It seemed like a lost cause for many all those years ago, but as we inch closer to June (or whatever release date), the excitement starts to build up.

2K has also announced that Duke Nukem Forever has “gone gold,” which reaffirmins its launch this coming June 14th for the PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 platforms. What was once thought to be unshipppable is now on the brink of history. Will you be part of it?

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