Duke Nukem: Mass Destruction was supposed to be the new title in this franchise, according to a teaser that was released in February 2014, however the project ran into some legal troubles and ultimately ended up forcing a name and character change. The Duke Nukem follow up is now called Bombshell, and yet there’s no good news about it, if you have been waiting for this title you won’t be happy to find out that Bombshell has been delayed to 2016.

Bombshell was actually supposed to be launched for PC in November 2015 but according to studio Interceptor Entertainment during testing the game proved to have too many bugs and that it would not have been possible to quash all of them by the deadline.

“Our first instinct was to just get this puppy out the door, and that we could fix the remaining issues with a quick patch after launch. But within ten seconds we realized that’s no way to treat paying fans of our games,” writes Frederik Schreiber of Interceptor Entertainment.

The studio now hopes to release this title on January 29th, 2016. It was expected that Bombshell will later arrive on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One once it has been released for PC, those versions are in the pipeline, and it’s safe to say that they might arrive in February 2016 or even later.

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