The Pencast PDF export makes the pen data so much more useful and easy to share

LiveScribe makes smartpens that records your writing and the voice/sound that was happening at that exact moment. The company has just released a software update called LiveScribe Connect, a new desktop software that makes it possible for the recorded content to be viewed, heard and shared on a new level.

Previously, the owners of the smart pen where mostly the only people using the recorded data. LiveScribe Connect brings Adobe Acrobat (.pdf files) compatibility to LiveScribe users. Now, they can export a notes file to PDF, complete with notes and audio. The file can be played by anyone with Acrobat Reader installed — which is virtually everyone.

And using the PDF file feels like being in the native LiveScribe Desktop software: you can see notes being taken in realtime, and hear the audio at the same time. You can click on any portion of the text/writing to skip forward/backward in time.

The .PDF compatibility opens a whole new world to LiveScribe: now, it is possible to send/share LiveScribe data to a host of services,  like email, Evernote, Facebook, Google Docs, MMS and probably more.

Finally, Livescribe users can decide to share notes by simply writing the name of the service. Then by taping a couple of times, it is possible to schedule a “share” at the next USB sync with LiveScribe Desktop.

In my opinion, the .PDF compatibility is the real news. This is big and will make the life of every LiveScribe users easier.  This is better than expected.

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