The FCC has recently been able to check out the Looxcie LX2 Bluetooth video camera as said device arrived at their doorsteps to receive the necessary certification so that it can be released to the wider market. The LX2 is a wee bit larger compared to a regular Bluetooth headset, where you will still wear it over your ear, but it will be able to record video discreetly – perfect for those self-proclaimed James Bond moments. Such recorded video can then be saved in 30 second increments onto a smartphone like the iPhone or Android-powered handset with but a single push of a button.

The Looxcie LX2 Bluetooth video camera is slightly smaller compared to its predecessor, where it seems to feature what seems to be a convenient USB dongle. The FCC documents do not show off much or anything about it, apart from its support for Bluetooth 2.1 connectivity. Hopefully the LX2 will better the LX1 in terms of video recording quality, as its predecessor maxed out at 480p – not something desirable in today’s situation.

There is no offical announcement concerning the LX2 just yet, so we are looking forward to a price and release date from rumors around the Internet. Since it has arrived at the FCC, chances are a release date is penciled somewhere down the immediate future.

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