Sneaker Speakers Doomsday Edition

We’ve written about sneakers with speakers before but this new set of speaker shoes, also by sneaker artist Nashmoney, blows the previous ones away. Called the Sneaker Speakers Doomsday Edition, they’re made from giant Puma shoes and are loaded with LED disco lights and speakers – with lights in them, a base station with more fancy lights and controls, making these sneaker speakers one of the brightest shoes we’ve ever laid our eyes on.


We’ve no idea why they’re called the Doomsday edition, but if everyone in the world started wearing these shoes around, I guess it would be pretty much the end of the world. And if you were wondering – no, you can’t wear them. Unless you had tiny delicate feet that could fit in between all the hardware and wiring stuffed in those shoes, or you could step on them without damaging them. Not to mention, unless you’re going to be sitting down, cross legged all day, speakers facing the ground won’t give very good audio anyway.

Sneaker Speakers Doomsday EditionSneaker Speakers Doomsday EditionSneaker Speakers Doomsday Edition

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