Sony Online Entertainment (SOE) has just announced that it has started restoring  its game services, although this is just the announcement of the “beginning” of the restoration. When done, most if not all the SOE online games, forums and sites should be back online.

After being hacked, Sony has decided to take its network offline to beef up security. The company says that it has contracted high-profile security companies to work on this project, to ensure end-user information safety. This ranged from upgrading the software, to increasing the level of encryption of user data. Old software is suspected to have contributed to the breach, although Sony has neither confirmed or denied it.

To ask for users forgiveness, Sony is launching a “welcome back” program in which users will receive free game content, and gaming time. You can check the full details of the welcome back program.

So far, the network breach and subsequent outage has generated anger from Sony users, and mockery from Xbox fans. On many sites, including this one, fans have entered a war of words that has been getting aggressive at time. Hopefully, this return to normalcy will calm things down. More stories about the PSN network outage.

Links: official notification of intrusion

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