Natural disasters have always proved to cost a bomb to clear up in any country, let alone ours, and it makes perfect sense for inhabitants in tornado-prone areas to make the necessary living arrangements in order to cope with one hitting the place where they live. Storm chaser Steve Green’s armored Tornado Attack Vehicle, a cool looking ride that can be driven directly into the heart of a tornado without resulting in your next of kin claiming your body, is now available for auction on eBay.


Needless to say, a vehicle like this is going to cost a whole lot – we are talking about a cool 100 grand here for its “Buy it Now” price. Seems out of reach for most, right? Still, it represents good value for money since you will end up with a Jeep that boasts of a 700-horsepower V8 engine, 16-gauge steel panels that are coated with impact-resistant polyurethane, bulletproof M10 Lexan windows and wheel wells, a windshield with three coats of DuPont Mylar film and a hydraulic system which prevents the vehicle from being blown right over.

The vehicle has had 5 years worth of upgrades, and has been valued at more than half a million buckeroos – making the $100,000 price tag rather cheap, don’t you think so?

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