Google has some cash to spare, which is why they decided to splash out a cool $400 million for Admeld, which is actually an advertising optimization platform for publishers. This acquisition was originally a rumor and speculation, but Google has finally stepped forward to confirm their buyout, but needless to say, the $400 million figure bandied about above is still speculation, as Google politefully declined to share with the masses about how much their coffers were drained to bring Admeld under their fold.

Google’s VP of Display Advertising, Neal Mohan, says in a blog post :

Providing better ad management services to publishers is an area that has seen a huge amount of investment in recent months. Formed just over three years ago, the Admeld team is an example of the huge strides the industry is making—it has quickly developed a great service that is helping many major publishers manage their ad space more efficiently and profitably.

By combining Admeld’s services, expertise and technology with Google’s offerings, we’re investing in what we hope will be an improved era of flexible ad management tools for major publishers.

Hopefully there will be decent integration plans in the mix, and it is interesting to note that Admeld CEO Michael Barrett has stepped forward to say both companies will remain independent in the marketplace. Who do you think Google has in their sights next?

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