Just how many Android tablets are there in the world that are not sitting on shelves, but actually being used in everyday circumstances? Imagine every single person in Mauritius holding an Android-powered tablet, and you have a good idea of how much 1.2 million people (with tablets) look like. There is a whole lot of Android-powered devices these days, ranging from smartphones to tablets, and the tablet market is certainly heating up in terms of competition.

There is still no official statement from Google just yet considering the amount of data that is floating around, but if you think that 1.2 million tablets is a huge number, take a look at Apple’s iPad that actually moved an estimated 28 million devices at the end of last month.
Makes sense, too, as you tend to see far more iPads in public places compared to Galaxy Tabs, Vizios and what not. Well, perhaps Android-powered tablets will be picking up the pace in due time, so the iPad might want to start looking over its shoulder before being silently overtaken like the tortoise and the hare.

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