Motorola Milestone XT720

If you own a Motorola Milestone XT720, and you’re on Cincinnati Bell – we’ve got some great news for you. The carrier decided that it won’t be waiting around for Motorola to release the Android 2.2 update for the phone it is taking things into its own hands: by teaching its users how to root the phone and install the update by themselves. (Just in case you were wondering, rooting an Android phone is the process of “freeing “ an Android phone of its restrictions, to give its user the permission to modify files on the phone that they’re normally not allowed to touch. This allows them to tweak and customize the phones to their heart’s content.)

Once a phone has been rooted, users can modify its system files; which in this case lets them install a newer version of Android 2.2 through a custom ROM. While it definitely isn’t the easiest way to update a phone, it’s the only way to get the phone updated without having to wait for the OEM to release an update.

Who would’ve thought we’d ever see the day where a carrier would teach its subscribers how to root their own devices? It looks like today is the day. Granted, it’s not one of the four major carriers in the country, it’s still encouraging to see support for the rooting community coming from a company that’s supposed to be against such practices. Motorola Milestone XT720 users can head over to the Cincinnati Bell website for more details.

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