cocoonCocoon, a Firefox browser extension, which mission is to protects user privacy has just added a virus detection feature that scans and warns users from malicious and potentially malicious files. Upon a file download request, Cocoon will scan the files on its own server and warn users if there is a potential threat. Cocoon should be able to detect known malicious viruses and malwares, but it will also warn users of potential threats (which can lead to a lot of warnings, in my opinion).

If you are not familiar with Cocoon, it’s a free Firefox browser extension that basically act as a superfast proxy server between you and the internet. Once activated, every Internet request go through Cocoon’s servers, which protects your anonymity, and now security. I’m saying that it is superfast because there is no noticeable slowdown from using Cocoon.Watch Netflix abroad: Cocoon users also have an U.S IP address, which makes it possible to use services like Netflix from abroad, without having to pay for a VPN ($8/mo). This is a side effect, which may or may not last as Netflix may decide to take action, although there no easy way for Netflix to tell where Cocoon users are (which is the whole point). That said, Hulu has found a way to block non-US users, even with Cocoon.

Avoid Spam: Finally, if you don’t want to give your real email to an online service, Cocoon can generate a random email address that you can use as a proxy. You can check those virtual mailboxes online and forward legitimate emails back to your account.

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