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How To Remove or Prevent Ransomware For Free
Ransomware is a type of malware that locks your files (or blocks access to them) and threatens to wipe them or publish them online until the ransom is paid. It was not a trending thing a few years back (though it was still dangerous). However, now, even the novice virus writers have access to powerful and effective ransomware-making tools and code.

Online Poker Players Targeted By Virus That Spies On Their Cards
One of the ways to win at poker is by bluffing your way to victory. This involves making your opponent think that you have a potentially better hand than they do. Of course sometimes this is true and they find out much to their dismay. Unfortunately it seems that a new virus has been making its rounds, and this time they are targeting online poker players.The virus, according to security […]

Happy Hour Virus Fakes Computer Problems To Let You Get Off Work Early
We’re sure everyone has the Monday blues, and that everyone also looks forward to Fridays as well, after all TGIF, right? Well if you were thinking about clocking out a tad early and want a valid excuse for doing so, how about simulating a computer problem? Dubbed the Happy Hour Virus, this is basically a website which you can use to simulate a variety of problems, ranging from “Kernel Panic”, […]

Stuxnet Did Not Infect The International Space Station (ISS)
Much news has broken about Stuxnet, a virus which was credited for sabotaging the Iranian uranium enrichment program, has found its way to the International Space Station, or the ISS for short. It was said that Stuxnet had gone rogue, especially when it has the ability to infect other machines via USB or optical media instead of the usual modus operandi of an Internet connection. Just in case you think […]


FBI Ransomware Tries To Shame Mac Users Into Paying $300
Let’s face it, there are probably a good many of us out there who download music or movies illegally, and those of us underage who click “Yes I Am Over 18” when viewing adult websites: basically things we’re not supposed to be doing. However what would you do if you were caught? Well it seems that there is a browser trojan making its way around the internet infecting Mac computers, […]

DroidCleaner Malware Discovered To Mess With Android Devices, PC To Spy On You
Installing malware on your smartphone devices is something no one wants to do, but it does happen, especially for Android owners. A new Android malware has been uncovered that not only affects your Android device, but it’s also capable of targeting a user’s PC in order to spy on them.The Android malware is called “DroidCleaner” and poses as an application to help free your Android device’s memory by “cleaning” the […]

New Mac OS X malware discovered
Kaspersky Labs released a report today about a new malware on the Mac OS X today that spreads itself through zip file attachments. Costin Raiu of Kaspersky Labs said that they were able to “intercept” the new advanced persistent threat or ATP using a new MacOS X backdoor variant targeted at Uyghur activists. Uyghur are a Turkic ethnic group living in Eastern and Central Asia. On Monday this week, a […]

Daedalus Cyber-attack alert system from DICT
What you see in the video above is not some holographic representation of a future space battle. No sir, it is known as the Daedalus, developed by NICT to be one of the world’s most advanced cyber-attack alert systems. Basically, Daedalus will be able to render attacks on networks in real time for your eyes to maintain a visual track of what is going on at all times. The sphere […]

First Drive-By Malware Sites Discovered for Android
Now that browsing the internet via a mobile device has become a norm, malware has also followed in that path. Lookout Mobile Security discovered some websites that have been designed in such a way that they only attack and infect Android devices on which the pages are loaded on. The websites which have not been identified publicly yet, operate as “drive-by malware vectors” and if an Android device visits the […]

Infected PCs to lose Internet this July?
Staying connected to the Internet has more or less become the norm for just about anyone, regardless of their age group. Well, there are savvy users and less than bright bulbs in the house, so the latter might just cause a virus infection or open the door for a trojan to reside on your computer. Having said that, the FBI is encouraging users to visit a particular website which is […]

Mobile antivirus firms are charlatans and scammers says Google's Chris DiBona
As you may have heard, anti-virus companies have been drumming the beat that malware on Android are growing in an exponential way, and that you should buy their product to protect yourself. Not so fast says Chris DiBona, Google’s open-source programs manager, who posted a long Google+ update about Android, security and open source.He eloquently defends the principles of open-source, which detractors say is an invitation for trouble as everyone […]

Microsoft software bug has link to Duqu virus
I don’t know about you, but when I heard of the name “Duqu virus”, the first thing that came to my mind was that of Count Dooku – could a Star Wars fan be behind the Duqu virus that exploited a previously unknown bug in the Windows operating system? It seems that security experts are already whispering among themselves, claiming that this could very well be the next big cyber […]

DroidKungFu malware evolved into LeNa
Android users may be aware of the DroidKungFu malware that has plagued Android devices earlier this year. The bad news is that it has evolved and a new variant of malware has surfaced and is called LeNa. This malware was identified by Lookout Security and has been found on the Android Market, although it looks like Google has been quick to remove the affected apps, but still this is something […]

German hackers accuse German government of creating trojan
If you watch movies such as Die Hard 4.0, you’ll know that governments in general do not hold much love for hackers and viruses, but what happens when the government itself is accused of developing a virus? While that sounds like it could be a plot for a movie, German hackers called the Chaos Computer Club (CCC) have discovered a trojan which they’re claiming was written by the German government.