CrysisWhen Crysis was first introduced to the PC back in 2007, it was notoriously famous for bringing even the best gaming rigs down to their knees. For many years it remained the go to game when it came to testing out the performance of a computer’s graphic capabilities. Well it’s now 2011, and technology has come a long way since then. Crysis 2 was released recently, and while it came with jaw-dropping graphics, it wasn’t as unforgiving as its predecessor when it came to running on the computer mostly due to the fact that it was developed with consoles in mind as well.

Now it looks like the original Crysis is going to go where it has never been before: to the Xbox 360. Today, the South Korean Game Rating Board (GRB) approved Crysis for the Xbox 360, signifying its arrival on the console. The folks over at Inven (a South Korean game site) even contacted EA Korea for confirmation and it looks like the listing was no mistake. No release date has been given but it’ll be interesting to see what had to be cut in order to make the transition to the Xbox 360 since the old game was such a resource hog. Stay tuned for more details.

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