You might not be a mutant like Jean Grey who possesses telekinetic powers, but you might soon be able to harness such “power” if the “brain cap” technology which is being researched by the University of Maryland (UMD). Basically, this new technology can transform one’s thoughts into motion. To date, the research team managed to rely on EEG brain signals captured from the cap’s 64 electrodes that are attached to users’ scalps, where it will reconstruct 3D hand movements so that one can control a computer’s cursor using nothing but the sheer power of thought alone. This complex movement has now been transferred over to the ankle, knee and hip joints that are involved when walking on a treadmill. The whole point behind this? Not to appear as a deity before lesser civilizations, but to deliver a non-invasive technology which intends to return motor function to victims of paralysis, injury or stroke.


It seems that all relevant EEG data gathered can be used to “retrain” all healthy areas of stroke victims’ brains, a neuroplasty of sorts, if you will. It will take plenty of time and effort though, as a whole lot of “decoding” needs to be done before stroke victims can think a certain way to match their own EEG signals with normal signals.

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