We know that the Dell Streak 5 is no longer available for sale in the US, even with its website bidding it adieu – but for folks who reside over in the UK, a Dell spokesman did mention that said device will still be up for sale “for the foreseeable future”. Having rolled out a year ago, the Dell Streak 5 resides in what I would call no man’s land – or in this case, no gadget’s land. After all, the 5″ display might make it a wee bit too large for a comfortable smartphone experience, and it is too small to qualify it as a tablet.

The Dell Streak 7 which carries with it a 7″ display is still on sale in the UK and the US, while there are plans to roll out an even larger model known as the Streak 10 in the future.

Having said that, those of you who reside in the UK, are you going to check out the Dell Streak 5 while it is still around? As for us living Stateside, we can always make an order across the pond if we want one of these puppies to reside in our hands.

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