As we move further into the digital future, there has slowly been less need for physical, printed copies of books as ebooks are not only more convenient, they save the environment since they don’t require any paper. It’s not surprising that it’s not just books that is the transition, but it appears that comics will be making that transition too.

While some prefer reading physical and printed copies of books, we’re sure that the same applies to comics, and not to mention that collecting comics can be considered a hobby and first edition comics are known to fetch a lot of money, but for those who read comics just for relaxation and are not fussed about collecting them, DC Comics starting this Wednesday will begin offering downloadable comics alongside their printed counterparts on the same day itself.

In terms of prices, they will be priced similarly to their printed versions at $2.99 for a regular sized comic while those with extra pages will cost $3.99. However take note that those prices reflect the digital copies that are made available the same time as the printed copies, so if you can wait for a month the prices for the printed copies will be reduced by a dollar.

The comics can be downloaded via Comixlogy for both PC and Mac, and also via apps for iOS, Android and Windows Phone 7 devices. So is anyone here excited about digital comics, or do you think you will miss slipping a brand new comic out of its plastic wrapping and the smell of fresh ink?

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