Casual games are slowly taking over the world, as you would find that most folks do their gaming over mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Heck, even the Nintendo DS carries plenty of shovel ware just to take advantage of the touchscreen ability. Well, for those who think that touchscreen games are a gimmick and feel that a true blue gamer uses nothing but a standard controller, how about letting your PS3 Sixaxis controller play nice with the Motorola XOOM tablet?

You will first need pick up the Sixaxis Controller app for $1.74 over at the Android Market, and make sure that your XOOM is already rooted before it can work. Of course, there is the option to hook up the PS3 controller to your tablet via USB, so that you can enjoy the standard controller experience for games on the Android platform. Surely games like Angry Birds are not meant to work with such a controller, as those fare far better with your finger.

When rooted, you are able to hook up to a quartet of Sixaxis controllers simultaneously. Anyone wants to relive the golden age of their childhood with NES and SNES emulated games using a modern day controller?

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