The premier hacker’s toolkit known as SpyEye has recently been made available to all aspiring cybercriminals, and in view of this, security analysts have sounded the alarms – although it is a sad thing to look forward to an uptick in SpyEye attacks for the rest of 2011. It seems that regardless of your proficiency in hacking as a cybercriminal, you can now gain access to “one of the deadliest Swiss Army knife hacking toolkits in the world” – in the words of Sean Bodmer, senior threat intelligence analyst at network security firm Damballa.

Around a week after the keys to SpyEye access were publicly disclosed, around 14 cyber-rings have taken advantage of the situation, harnessing the power of SpyEye to deliver commands to tens of thousands of infected PCs in both US as well as across the pond. SpyEye sells for up to $10,000 normally, but the price has dropped to just $95 as of last week.

With SpyEye, one is able to issue commands to networks of thousands of bots, and these botnets are said to be unstoppable like the Juggernaut, although it does not require the Crimson Gem of Cyttorak. Best to be more wary of where you click on the Internet these days now, no?

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