Steam Trading

Steam, one of the most popular platforms for purchasing digital video games just keeps getting better. Valve software has officially started rolling out the beta version of its new trading system to its users. Just like its name implies, Steam Trading will enable Steam users to participate in trades via the service. Users will be able to trade things like their in-game items and games for other in-game items or games.


However there will be certain restrictions that will apply to trading. When trading games, users will only be able to trade games that are “unused” i.e. not in the user’s library. Users will also be allowed to trade Steam gifts and extra copies of their games with other people, so if you’ve accidentally purchased two copies of the same game or you’ve been given an extra copy of a game you already have – you don’t have to let it rot in the virtual world, and you can trade it for something useful instead.

As of now it its current beta state, only Team Fortress 2 is supported, with Portal 2 said to be added to the lineup next, and more games in the following months. While in-game trading of items isn’t new in TF2, this new trading system will allow users to trade items from one game with items of another game. Users will also be able to trade in-game items for games (assuming the trade is approved by both parties), so if you find a super-rare in-game item that you have no need for – why not trade it for a brand new game instead? Users can save quite a bit of money this way.

The service is still in beta, so you can expect changes to how it works in the future, but in the meantime if you want to give Steam Trading a go, just launch steam, and opt into the “Steam Trading Beta”. Find out more at the Steam Trading Beta FAQ.

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