Wacom InklingLove sketching but you’re unsatisfied with the quality sketches you get from a regular tablet? While this
isn’t a problem for a lot of artists (just pay a visit to Deviant Art to have a look at all the fantastic images
done digitally), for some people, the feel of sketching on paper makes a big difference and they can’t
seem to work on the surface of a graphic tablet. Hence, we have the Wacom Inkling.

Designed for people who need the feel of real paper and need to see their drawings on paper instead of
just on-screen, the Inkling is a specially designed pen that gives users just that. Functioning as a regular
ballpoint pen, anything drawn with the pen is sent to a receiver which stores everything that the pen
draws. Users then plug in the receiver to their computer to transfer the sketches over. This way, users
get the feel of drawing on paper, and gain the added benefit of having a digital version as well.

When they’re done with the initial sketch, users can then use the computer to modify/touch up the
image if they’re unsatisfied with it – something that’s harder to pull off on real paper, since you can’t
really erase ink or resize parts of an image on whim.

The Inkling is made up of a pen, a wireless receiver, and software to manage the stored drawings on the
receiver. The pen has Wacom’s pressure sensing technology (1024 levels of sensitivity) which allows it
to capture varied line weights created by the ink pen, which results in more organic and natural looking
drawings. Suitable for popular programs like Adobe Photoshop, Autodesk Sketchbook Pro, and more
– compatibility shouldn’t be an issue. The Wacom Inkling will be available from mid October 2011
onwards for $199.99.

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