Android4Autism and Lost and Tired have announced the very first recipient of an Android4Autism device, where said smartphone will be headed to the McKay family as their hands unwrap a package to reveal a Samsung Epic 4G that has been loaded with a custom ROM which was specifically developed to meet the needs of autistic children. What you see above is a screenshot (albeit a blur one) from the specially modified Epic 4G.

This device will target the McKay’s daughter, Kiersten, and Mrs McKay (Jennifer) has the following to say. “My name is Jennifer and I received amazing news yesterday. My 6 year old daughter is going to receive this amazing item. Kiersten is non-verbal and it has been a pretty tough road. Not many people understand how frustrating it can be to not know what your child needs when then can’t tell you. I am overflowing with joy to know that this product could change her life in such a positive way. This is amazing and I will keep updating to let everyone know of Kiersten’s progress. Thank you so so so much to Rob for giving us hope!!”

Looking through the video in the extended post, we can see just how this specially modified smartphone might just be able to make the life of an autistic child more holistic.

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