Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3
At the Call of Duty XP event that started today, attendees finally got to try Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 for the first time, and judging by a handful of blogs I’ve spotted – preliminary reports are looking pretty positive (despite all the “dislikes” the YouTube video has been getting). The experience has been said to be different, yet it retains the feel of the previous CoD games. As we mentioned before in our post about the released multiplayer trailer, the game features new mechanics such as no kill streak resets after death for support mode, and in the trailer we can see players collecting dog tags.

Now, we’ve got some new information about the multiplayer aspect of the game. Users also get a choice of different classes when they start – they get to choose Assault, Support (that’s what the Support mode in the trailer was all about) or Specialist. Kill-streaks have been replaced with point-streaks, and bonuses will depend on your choice of class. There are new modes Kill Confirmed (players have to kill enemies and pick up their dog tags to confirm a kill) and Team Defender (a variation of capture the flag).

And that’s only the beginning. I’m sure there will be plenty more juicy details that will be revealed over the weekend. MTV’s Multiplayer blog even has a post detailing the weapons and perks you’ll find in the game. Even details about CoD Elite have been revealed. Any of you itching to get your hands on the game right now?

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